Configure fieldbus devices in AMS Device Manager

Note: Commission fieldbus devices first in the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility before configuring them in AMS Device Manager. For more information, see Commission fieldbus devices.
  1. Click Start > All Programs > AMS Device Manager > AMS Device Manager to open AMS Device Manager.
  2. Enter your username and password, and click OK.
  3. From the Device Connection or Device Explorer view, right-click the FF HSE network icon and select Rebuild Hierarchy.

    The USB Fieldbus Interface icon then appears under the FF HSE network.

    USB Fieldbus Interface icon in AMS Device Manager

  4. If you are using the Device Connection View, click the plus sign next to the USB Fieldbus Interface icon to display a list of connected fieldbus devices.
  5. If necessary, right-click the USB Fieldbus Interface icon and then scan new devices.
    Scanning synchronizes the AMS Device Manager database with connected live devices.
  6. Right-click the fieldbus device you want to configure and select from the context menus.

    Fieldbus device context menus

    Displays configuration parameters that define the physical attributes and operating characteristics of the device.
    Lets you compare two configurations of the device.
    Service Tools or Device Diagnostics
    Displays alert conditions. These include hardware and software malfunctions or parameters with values beyond the device specifications.
    Overview or Process Variables
    Displays the current output from the device.

    For more information about the context menus and other AMS Device Manager functions, refer to AMS Device Manager Books Online.