Configure fieldbus devices in an FDT Frame Application

  1. Launch PACTware.
  2. From the Project pane, right-click HOST PC and click Add device.

    Project pane

    Press F2 to display the Project pane if it is not already displayed.

  3. Select Emerson FF HSE Server and click OK.

    Add the Emerson FF HSE Server

  4. Right-click FF HSE Server on the Project pane and click Add device.

    FF HSE Server - Add device

  5. Select Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface and click OK.

    Add the Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface

  6. Right-click USB Fieldbus Interface on the Project pane and click Add device.

    USB Fieldbus Interface - Add device

  7. Select the device you want to add then click OK.

    Add device

    Only devices with DTMs available and installed appear on the list. For more information on DTM library installation, see Install the Emerson DTM Library.

    Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you want to add more devices to the list.

  8. Right-click USB Fieldbus Interface and select Additional functions > Edit DTM Address.

    Edit DTM Address

  9. On the right pane, select the fieldbus device from the list, enter the device address in the Node ID field, and click Apply.

    Enter Node ID

    Note: The device address and Node ID should match. The device address is set and can be found in the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility. For more information on setting the device address, see Commission fieldbus devices.
  10. Right-click HOST PC and click Connect.

    Connect devices

    This connects all devices under the host PC. You can also opt to select each device you want connected and click Connect.

    Connected devices appear in bold face type in the menu tree.

  11. Right-click the fieldbus device you want to configure and click Parameter.


    This displays the various parameters you can edit for the device.
  12. Configure the parameters of the device.
    Note: The parameter display varies and is dependent on the device manufacturer.

    Edit device parameters