Status alerts

The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application can send alerts to the AMS Device Manager Alert Monitor or Audit Trail. For AMS Wireless Configurator, status alerts can still be sent to Audit Trail but you need to purchase AMS Device Manager to see the alerts in Alert Monitor.

Note: If you are running AMS Device Manager or AMS Wireless Configurator version 13 or later, status alerts functionality requires the Manage Alert Configurations permission. See AMS Device Manager Books Online for more information on AMS Device Manager permissions.

The following alerts are generated based on the device status:

Device status Alert type
Not Communicating Communication Failures
Low Path Stability Communication Failures
Pinch Point Pinch Points
Pinch Point with Low Battery Pinch Points, Battery Status
Pinch Point with Critically Low Battery, Measurements Suspended Pinch Points, Battery Status
Low Battery Battery Status
Critically Low Battery, Measurements Suspended Battery Status
Device Not on Mesh Network Network
Device Needs Neighbor Network
Gateway Needs Neighbor Network

You can enable or suppress alerts by clicking Status Alerts on the Home tab. This command is only enabled in an AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application server installed on a PC with AMS Device Manager or AMS Wireless Configurator. The Networks pane should also be selected to see this command.

The status bar at the lower right of the screen indicates if alerts are active or suppressed.