Visual indicators on diagrams

Right-click on an open diagram to display a context menu with a variety of selections for modifying the display of the diagram, including zooming, refreshing, and displaying network alerts and signal statistics.

To display or hide visual indicators in a diagram, right-click an empty area of the diagram, and select or clear the appropriate option.

Show Network Coverage

Display the effective range of the gateway and devices on a network. If there are multiple networks on a diagram, select the network from the Wireless Network Coverage dialog.


Choose a label option for all devices:

  • Tagname - the tagname of the device. If the device is associated with AMS Device Manager, this is the AMS Tag, and it is read-only.
  • Descriptor - additional information about the device. For wired devices connected to a WirelessHART adapter, the information displayed refers to the wired device.
  • Radio MAC ID - a unique identifier for the wireless radio in a device. Gateways and devices that are not live will not display Radio MAC IDs.
  • Nothing

If your diagram contains devices from AMS Device Manager, the Tagnames are AMS Tags. You can also launch an AMS Device Manager context menu by right-clicking the AMS Tag.

ISA Icons

ISA icons allow you to document the wireless network using icons similar to those used in standard P&IDs and PFDs. If this option is selected, ISA icons replace device icons and automatically turns off markers.


Display markers that show the location of a device on the diagram. If markers are not selected, device icons are displayed. Wireless device markers are shown as circles, and wireless gateway markers display as squares.

Network Alerts

Network alerts display the status of a wireless device after the wireless network is imported or transitioned. They display a background color and a small icon inset on the device icon that reflect states of the wireless network or its devices. If Markers are displayed and Network alerts are enabled, the device icon changes to the Network alert icon.

Icon Status
Pinch Point
Low Battery
Critically Low Battery, Measurements Suspended
Pinch Point with Low Battery
Pinch Point with Critically Low Battery, Measurements Suspended
Not communicating
Unknown Wireless Field Device status or Unknown status (data not yet available from AMS Device Manager)
Predictive diagnostics - Device needs neighbor
Predictive diagnostics - Device needs neighbor and more
Predictive diagnostics - Not communicating and more
Predictive diagnostics - Pinch point and more

Unknown devices are devices scanned in AMS Device Manager whose status has not been completely received from AMS Device Manager.

Signal Statistics

Displays the path stability and RSSI between devices for live or transitioned networks. This is displayed on the communications path between devices. Path stability is shown as a percentage while RSSI is displayed as a set of bars indicating the signal strength.

Range Indicators

Device icons may display a small icon inset indicating the custom range of a device. Range indicators cannot be turned off from the device context menu.

Icon Status
A device exceeds the Line of Sight height and qualifies for the Range above the plant. It is counted as an extended range device. This does not imply that the device has an extended range antenna attached.
A device has a custom range (different from that specified in the Range Above and Below Plant). It is counted as an exception device.

Show All Annotations

Displays the contents of all notes. If this option is not selected, the note icon is displayed instead.

Networks list

The Networks list is displayed on the upper-left corner of the diagram. It displays the number of wireless networks and lists all wireless networks in the diagram and a network capacity meter beside each network name. Select the network name from the drop-down list to change the active wireless network displayed on the diagram. Hover your mouse pointer over a network capacity meter to see the estimated capacity in percent.

Color indicator Description
Green The network is within recommended capacity.
Red The network has exceeded the recommended maximum capacity.
Yellow The network is near the recommended maximum capacity.

The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application determines the network capacity depending on the following:

  • If the gateway is a placeholder, the maximum capacity of the network is based on the assumption that the gateway is running the latest available firmware.
  • If the gateway represents a live device, the maximum capacity of the network is based on the firmware version of the gateway.

If your wireless network has exceeded network capacity, you should move some of your devices to another network.

Zoom slider

Use the slider to zoom in or zoom out the diagram.

Other context menu options

The context menu on diagrams also provides other options:

Option Description
Select All Select all devices in the active wireless network of a diagram.
Paste Paste copied devices at the current mouse pointer position.
Wireless Networks Add, delete, or rename a wireless network.
Refresh Refresh the information displayed on the wireless diagram.
Zoom Zoom the diagram using predefined values.