AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application overview

The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application helps you plan new wireless networks, and manage and optimize your existing wireless networks.

Before installing wireless devices or gateways, use the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application to create a graphical representation of your site and identify places to install the devices. The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application can help identify devices in your wireless network that may not be able to communicate effectively.

If you have already deployed a wireless network, you can evaluate its condition by displaying a report or diagram with key data, such as status, PV, battery voltage, and data reliability of wireless devices. With the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application, you can:

  • Create wireless diagrams using site images, drawings, or industry specific plot plans
  • Plan multiple wireless networks on a wireless diagram
  • Display reports on wireless devices throughout your wireless network
  • Export report data to Excel spreadsheets, and diagrams to .JPG, .BMP or .CSV formats
  • Ensure your planned wireless network conforms to recommended practices
  • Customize communications range when planning networks, based on mounting location
  • Enable or suppress status alerts
  • Estimate the power module life of a device

For information on using and configuring the devices themselves, including gateways, consult the device documentation. Many devices publish their documentation with AMS Device Manager. Select Help > Device from the AMS Device Manager menu to access a variety of device documentation.