Wireless reports

Wireless reports provide key data from the wireless networks in AMS Device Manager or AMS Wireless Configurator. Reports are only available if AMS Device Manager or AMS Wireless Configurator is installed. To view reports, select a gateway under the Networks pane.

The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application provides three reports:

  • Overview report - standard report for all wireless devices and gateways. It can be filtered, sorted, or customized based on the wireless data you need.
  • Power Module report - provides a quick view of wireless devices that have low or critical power module status. This report includes wireless device information for managing power module replacements (for example, Update Rate is included because it is one of the biggest factors in determining power module life expectancy).
  • Communications report - provides a quick view of wireless devices that are not responding or have been identified as pinch points. This report includes wireless communication data that will help troubleshooting communications issues (for example, Neighbors show devices that are potentially affected by a pinch point).

Click the tab of the wireless report you want to view. You can print a report or export it to a Microsoft Excel file.

Not all columns are displayed by default. You can display or hide most columns using the Field Chooser at the upper-left corner of the report.

Some items in the report reflect data in the gateway. Consult the gateway documentation for further information.