Step 4: Manage. View, export, and use data to make decisions and plan wireless network expansion

Once you have deployed your wireless network, you can use the data collected by the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application to generate reports, manage power modules, and grow your wireless network. You can:

  • Sort and filter wireless data to display relevant information about your wireless networks using three available reports: Overview Report, Power Module Report, and Communications Report.
  • Manage your wireless devices with AMS Device Manager or AMS Wireless Configurator directly from the Networks pane.
  • Print or export a report for use in other systems.
  • View alerts in the wireless report or directly on the wireless diagram. The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application also reports alerts directly to Alert Monitor and Audit Trail.
  • Add future wireless devices and expand your wireless network using the Palettes pane from your wireless diagram. You can also create a new wireless network or split an existing network if the current network is approaching the recommended capacity.
  • Monitor live networks with predictive diagnostics.