Analyze and split wireless networks

About this task

You can analyze a single wireless network or multiple wireless networks to improve performance, reliability, or balance utilization of devices. You must define the scale of the diagram or set its GPS coordinates to analyze and split networks.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • On an open diagram having two or more wireless networks with gateways, click Analyze And Split Networks on the Network tab.
    • On an open diagram having one wireless network with a gateway, drag another gateway from the Palettes pane to the wireless network and click Analyze And Split Networks.
  2. Select two or more wireless networks and click Next.
    The Split Network Wizard dialog displays the Summary tab and a tab for each selected network. The Summary tab details if the networks meet best practices and their respective network capacities before and after analysis. The network tabs lists before and after analysis information about best practices, number of pinch point devices, network capacity, network issues, and devices on the wireless network.
  3. Optional: Click Preview to view changes to the wireless networks.
    On the Preview dialog, you can select the wireless network and see its layout before and after the split. Click OK to go back to the Split Network Wizard dialog.
  4. Optional: Click Export and select to:
    • Export the current wireless network to a CSV file.
    • Export the split network result to a CSV file.
  5. Optional: Click Full Report on the Summary tab to view the Split Network Analysis report. From the Split Network Full Report dialog, you can:
    • Click Print on the toolbar to print the report.
    • Click Page Setup to change how the report is displayed.
    • Click Export to save the report to an Excel, PDF, or Word file.
  6. Optional: You can also view reports for the selected network by selecting a network tab and clicking Report.
    Individual network reports are part of the Split Network Analysis report.
  7. Close the report and click Finish.
    Note: The Finish button is disabled if the wireless networks contain a mix of live and placeholder devices. You can only print or save the report but you cannot split the networks.
  8. Click OK.