Add obstructions to a diagram

About this task

Obstructions are used to represent physical obstructions in your site that may affect the signal between one or more devices. Obstructions are always active and are not restricted to the active network.


  1. Drag a Rectangle Obstruction or Ellipse Obstruction from the Palettes pane to the diagram.
  2. Move the obstruction to the correct area and resize it as needed.
  3. Click any area on the diagram.
    The Obstruction dialog is displayed if the Display Properties Dialog? checkbox is enabled in the Options dialog. If the Obstruction dialog is not displayed, double-click the Obstruction icon.
  4. Enter a name.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • If you dragged a Rectangle Obstruction, enter the height, width, and length of the obstruction.
    • If you dragged an Ellipse Obstruction, enter the height, radius a, and radius b of the obstruction.
  6. Select the obstruction factor from the following:
    • Total - 100% obstruction
    • Heavy - 86.67% obstruction
    • Medium - 66.67% obstruction
    • Light - 33.33% obstruction
  7. Click OK.