Change the default properties of a user defined device

About this task

The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application has two devices that you can customize to help you easily recognize the device it represents. User defined devices lets you to set default properties before dragging them to your diagram. Subsequent changes to the default properties will not affect user defined devices already on the wireless network.


  1. With a diagram open, double-click the user defined device icon on the Palettes pane. You can also right-click the icon and select Properties.
  2. Enter a new name in the Device Name field.
    Note: You cannot leave the Device Name field blank or use an existing name in the palette.
  3. Enter a default device height.
  4. Select Wireless Device or Wireless Adapter in the Device Type field.
    The chosen Device Type changes the wireless recommended practice rules used for the device.
  5. Select the default update rate.
  6. Enter a default distance for off-plot devices.
  7. Select the Critical Output Device checkbox if you want all instances of this device to be created as critical output devices.
  8. Select the Custom Range checkbox.
  9. Select a predefined range or specify a range
  10. Click OK.