Import a .CSV file

About this task

Import device and diagram information from a .CSV file to a new or existing diagram.


  1. Open or create a diagram.
  2. Click File > Import from the main menu.
  3. Browse to your .CSV file and click Open.
    1. If your .CSV file contains GPS coordinates and you have not set the GPS coordinates in your diagram, click Yes on the Import CSV File dialog to use the GPS coordinates of devices and set the GPS coordinates for the plot plan.
      Note: Clicking No does not import the GPS coordinates for devices and instead uses either imported or default X and Y values depending on which is available.
    2. Move your pointer to a location in the diagram and click to set GPS Point 1. Click on another location in the diagram to set GPS Point 2.
    3. Set your GPS coordinates.
    4. Click OK.
  4. Device data is directly imported to the open diagram.


  • Imported devices are placed in the wireless network based on the network name in the .CSV file.
  • If the network name is not specified in the .CSV file, imported devices are added to the first network in the diagram.
  • If the diagram does not have a network with the network name specified for a device, the network is automatically created and the device is added to it.
  • If a device being imported already exists in the open diagram, it is updated with the details in the .CSV file.
  • Notes on a wireless diagram are not imported from the .CSV file.