Place devices on a diagram

About this task

Place either live or placeholder devices on a diagram by dragging them from the Palettes pane to the diagram.


  1. Drag the device from the Palettes pane to the diagram.
  2. Enter a tag.
    If the device is in AMS Device Manager, the AMS Tag name is automatically entered. If the device was dragged from the Live Devices section, the name of the device cannot be edited. If the device was dragged from the Device Placeholder section and given a name of a device from the Live Devices section, the device is automatically transitioned.
  3. Enter a distance from the ground (an elevation) for this device.
    Note: You can place devices with default device height or off-plot distances, and avoid entering these values for each placed device. From the New Devices section of the Options dialog, clear the Display Properties Dialog? checkbox, and enter the desired default values.
  4. If the device has a custom range, mark the Custom Range checkbox and select or specify the range.
  5. Select a value for Planned Update Rate.
    Note: When a placeholder device is transitioned, its update rate is set to the actual rate of the device and the value cannot be edited.
  6. If you are placing the device outside the plot plan, enter a distance from a known reference point on the plot plan to the device.
    Note: You can move the reference point to the measured location on the plot plan. The reference point can be moved without affecting the distance you entered. The reference point must be within the bounds of the plot plan.
  7. If the device is a critical output device, mark the Critical Output Device checkbox.
  8. If the diagram contains multiple networks, click the Network tab to select a recommended network for the device.
    The device is added to the selected network.
    Note: You can only select a network for placeholder devices. For live devices, this tab is read-only.
  9. Click the Notes tab to enter additional information about the device.
  10. Click OK.


When checking a network layout with devices off the plot plan, measurements are from the reference points, not the device icons. However, reference points which do not meet distance criteria are not highlighted; the devices are.