Enable diagnostics on a wireless network

About this task

Predictive diagnostics identify weak spots and possible failure points on the wireless network. Analysis is based on a device's path stability, battery life, and pinch point state.

You can only enable diagnostics on a live network that has a gateway.


  1. Right click a diagram on the Diagrams pane and select Diagnostics > Enable.
    A predictive diagnostics marker is added to the diagram icon indicating that the diagram is now being monitored.
  2. If analysis discovers potential issues while a monitored diagram is close, a Predictive Warning is displayed on the status bar. Click Predictive Warning.
    The Predictive Warning dialog displays the device tag, device status, network name, and diagram name.
  3. Select a device tag and click Open Diagram.
  4. The diagram is opened. Click Predictive Results on the status bar.
    The Diagram Predictive Results dialog displays the device tag, predictive status, and the reason for the issue.
    Note: If analysis discovers potential issues while a monitored diagram is open, follow step 4.
  5. Optional: To do manual diagnostics, click Start Diagnostics on the Network tab.
    The status bar indicates when analysis is finished and if there are issues, click Predictive Results to display Diagram Predictive Results dialog.
  6. Click OK to close the Diagram Predictive Results dialog.


Note: Alerts generated by predictive diagnostics are sent to the AMS Device Manager Audit Trail.