Augmented Reality for Plantweb Optics ROI Calculator
Estimate Potential Savings of Remote Assistance through Augmented Reality

Savings with Remote Assistance on Plantweb Optics

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Service Dispatch
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Local Support
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With reduction of

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Remote Support
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expert remote visit / month

Training Time
Savings on Time Spent on Trainings

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% time spent on training

Increase asset uptime and reduce travel costs with live remote assistance.jpg
Increase asset uptime and reduce travel costs with live remote assistance
Remote assistance, supported by augmented reality, helps reduce travel costs. Field workers and remote experts can collaborate visually to efficiently resolve issues. Experts can remotely inspect and provide immediate guidance that improves fix rates

Key Highlights of Live Remote Assistance

Access instant support via audio and video conference calls.
Brainstorm with multiple experts while sharing a field of view with a remote technician.
Use the online chat feature to communicate in noisy environments.
Easily exchange multimedia files.
Send augmented reality annotated procedures to guide technicians.
Accommodate various internet bandwidth networks with automatic throttling of video quality.
Key Highlights of Live Remote Assistance

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