Redefining wireless vibration monitoring
through embedded prescriptive analytics.

Everyone knows that wireless vibration monitoring has been available for more than a decade. But with the emphasis on IIoT and innovations in the technology itself, wireless capabilities have leapt to the forefront for achieving a digital transformation.

As wireless monitoring has taken the lead, new devices have fallen into two categories:

  • The collection of raw data means you have all the information but will need a vibration expert to cull through all of it to find developing problems.
  • Delivering a snapshot of the overall data can simplify the process, but leaving you to guess at the root cause of the problem.
AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor

Why can’t you have the best of both?

Emerson’s AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor redefines vibration analysis by collecting all the data but delivering the source and severity of the problem quickly and accurately. This is accomplished through the patented PeakVue™ Plus technology which takes impact measurements into account to determine if faults are mechanical or lubrication-based and determines the current severity of the anomaly. Experts can deep-dive as needed, but you will also have a sophisticated look at asset health on par with other online and portable monitoring options.

PeakVue Plus prescriptive analytics show that this machine has insufficient lubrication, but the bearing has not been damaged yet.