Set up a tachometer in Analyze


Note: By default, the analyzer is set up to use the CSI 404 tachometers. The analyzer supports tachometer/RPM measurements up to 100,000 RPM.


  1. From the Analyze main menu, press F1 Manual Analyze > F7 Tach Setup.
    The Tachometer Setup screen appears.
  2. Set the following options as necessary.
    Option Description
    F2 Pseudo Tach Enable Pseudo Tach for time synchronous averaging or order tracking intermediate shafts in gearboxes that cannot be accessed directly. Use the Pseudo Tach to produce the turning speed signal. The analyzer uses the following formula: (Incoming tachometer frequency) X ((tach frequency X the number of teeth on the tached shaft)/number of teeth on the pseudo shaft). Disable Pseudo Tach when you can use the tachometer directly on a shaft. The default is Disabled.
    F3 Tached Shaft (Only available when Pseudo Tach is enabled.) If the reflective tape is on the input shaft, enter the number of teeth on the tached shaft, which is the shaft with the tachometer. The default is 1.
    F4 Pseudo Shaft (Only available when Pseudo Tach is enabled.) Enter the number of teeth on the internal shaft. The analyzer calculates the pseudo tach frequency based on the number of teeth specified for the tached shaft and pseudo shaft. The default is 1.
    F5 Tach Power Set the analyzer to power the tachometer. If you enable this option, you can leave the switch on for the CSI 430 SpeedVue sensor during the Laser Speed Detection Analysis Expert. The default is On.
    F7 Set Trigger Edge Set the trigger to occur on the rising edge or falling edge of a waveform. The default is Rising Edge.
    F8 Set Trigger Level Enter the value between -100 and 100 required to start a tachometer pulse. For Level measurement, set the input that is the source of the trigger. The default is 2.0 Volts.
    F9 Set Edge Delay Enter the number of seconds between 0 and 16 that occurs between each tachometer pulse. This helps prevent double triggering. The default is 0.0 seconds.
    F10 Show RPM F10 Hide RPM View or hide the last RPM the tachometer read and the time between each reading. A last time value of 0 indicates the tachometer is continuously reading the RPM.
    F12 Set Defaults Restore the default values for all tachometer setup options on the screen.
  3. Press F6 Save / Recall Setup to save the setup, or press Enter to use the setup without saving it.