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  New Article – Three Key Elements to Creating a Sustainable Reliability Program

Getting a successful reliability program off the ground is challenging. Arguably, sustaining that program can be even more challenging. But those companies who work at it achieve greater long-term success in achieving business goals. Emerson’s Reliability Program of the Year identifies companies that have both launched and sustained reliability programs in their facilities. This article highlights the achievements of one such program.

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Reliability Technology & Tools

How Do You Accelerate Asset Data Capture? The Solution is to Go Digital and Utilize Crowdsourcing

One of the most critical basis for any maintenance strategy is a thorough and accurate record of plant data assets. Emerson is always looking for tools and methodologies to improve both the data integrity and increase the efficiency of data collection. We found an unique and successful approach with software solutions provider ORDITAL.

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Reliability Tip:

Performing MRO Cycle Counting
Doug Hart

The impact of not having the right spare part available when needed, commonly referred to as “Stock- outs”, have been well documented over the years. Some of the ramifications include:

  • Increased plant downtime
  • Missed production schedules
  • Lost revenues
  • Expensive expedited rush shipments
  • Increased Maintenance Overtime

What is not so well known is some of the actions to take to minimize these costly events from occurring. One of the best mitigating activities to perform are regular and accurate Cycle Counts of the MRO inventory. By performing scheduled inventory counts throughout the year, and taking action to correct the deficiencies (not just updating the numbers) you can be assured to reduce “Stock-outs” and provide quality parts for the Maintenance program in the future.

Some organizations elect to use bar coding/scanning technology to streamline this effort while many companies still use a manual count method to check inventory levels. Regardless of the approach you use, the primary benefit is in performing them on a regular basis and to conduct them accurately.

Some Keys-to-Success to meet these two criteria would be:

  • Develop and implement a Stock-out Log to understand trends and aid in analysis
  • Divide the inventory into a prioritized grouping (A-B-C, etc.) for counting
  • Determine the estimated number of SKUs within each group
  • Identify the estimated time required to count each group
  • Establish a Cycle Count schedule
  • Utilize a “Blind Count” approach
  • Validate: quantity on hand, stocking location and verify full quality of the item; All three must be accurately maintained with an error on any one of the three recorded as a Cycle Counting error
  • Record and share the Cycle Count accuracy results
  • Identify, correct and address the reasons for count discrepancies
  • Address any Storeroom access/security issues

By addressing these critical items and implementing a comprehensive MRO Cycle Count effort, you will be taking a giant step toward ensuring your Maintenance Storeroom has the right parts available when required.

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