Change the block mode for a FOUNDATION fieldbus device

Whenever you need to change the parameters or properties of a block, change the mode.

You can change the mode for a block from the Block List, or you can open a specific block and change the mode.

  1. Connect to a FOUNDATION fieldbus device.
  2. To change the modes for one or more blocks on the Block List:
    1. Tap the mode button on the Block List.
      A list of all blocks and the selected modes is displayed.
    2. For each block in the list you want to modify, select the block and select the desired mode.
    3. Tap OK.
    4. Tap Send.
    5. Review the changes.
    6. Tap Send.
  3. To change the mode from within a block:
    1. Go to a block menu in the device.

      Example Mode button in a block

    2. Tap the mode button at the top of the screen.
    3. Select the desired mode for the block.
    4. Tap OK. The change is highlighted yellow.
    5. Tap Send.
    6. Review the change.
    7. Tap Send.