View the device information

You can view the physical device tag, device address, device ID, and device revision.

You can also view this information by tapping the device tag at the top of the screen and selecting DD Information.

Note: The physical device tag and address of a device are read-only when the device is commissioned or a host/linking device is detected on the fieldbus segment. To change the device tag or address, use the host system or remove the device from the fieldbus segment and connect it directly to the Trex unit.
  1. Connect to the FOUNDATION fieldbus device.
  2. Tap Service Tools.
  3. Tap one of the following options.
    Option Description
    Physical Device Tag

    The identifier for a device in the system.

    Device Node Address

    The data link layer node address of the device. The host control system can assign an address to a device when it is connected to a fieldbus segment.

    Device ID

    The unique identifier for a device.

    Device Revision

    The revision of the device.