Power and connect to a FOUNDATION fieldbus device

The Trex unit can power one FOUNDATION fieldbus device. The Trex unit can provide approximately 10 volts at 25 mA to power a FOUNDATION fieldbus device. (The Trex unit will draw approximately 12 mA when it is online).

If you try to apply power from the Trex unit when the device is externally-powered, the Field Communicator application prevents the Trex unit from supplying power. This protects the Trex unit from damage.

Note: When the Trex unit powers a FOUNDATION fieldbus device, two internal terminators and a power conditioner are applied. Ensure the device is not connected to a fieldbus segment, even if the segment is unpowered.
Remove the USB cable from the Trex unit before connecting to a device.
Warning: Do not add any external power to the device when the Trex unit is powering the device. This can blow a fuse inside the Trex unit. The repair/replacement will need to be completed at an authorized service center. Ensure the device is disconnected from the loop/segment and no other wires are connected to the device before providing power from the Trex unit.
  1. Connect the lead set to the FF terminals on the Trex unit and directly to the communication terminals on the unpowered device. Ensure no other wires are connected to the device and there is no power to the device. Do not attach to a junction box.
  2. Connect the FOUNDATION fieldbus Power Plug to the FF pwr terminal and the positive (red) terminal on the lead set.

    Connection for powering a FOUNDATION fieldbus device

    1. FOUNDATION fieldbus Power Plug
  3. Open the Field Communicator application.
  4. Tap Fieldbus.
  5. Tap Yes when prompted if you want to provide power to the device from the Trex unit.
    The Trex unit provides power and searches for connected devices to display on the Device List.
  6. From the Device List, tap the desired device.
    The device menu displays.
  7. To stop powering the FOUNDATION fieldbus device, close the Field Communicator application or remove the lead set.