Power and connect to a Smart Wireless THUM adapter

The Trex unit must have the Device Communicator Plus communication module to power a THUM adapter.

When performing a bench configuration, the THUM adapter should be attached to a device. However, the Trex unit can power a THUM adapter when it is not connected to a HART device.

To connect to a device that has a THUM adapter attached, see Connect to an externally-powered HART device or Power and connect to a HART device.

Remove the USB cable from the Trex unit before connecting to a device.
  1. Connect the lead set to the HART + pwr terminals on the Trex unit and the red/black wires on the THUM adapter.

    THUM adapter wiring with 250 Ohm resistor

  2. In the Field Communicator application, tap HART.
  3. Tap Yes when prompted if you want the Trex unit to power the device.
  4. Tap Positioner.
  5. When prompted, change the polling address to 63.
  6. Follow any additional prompts to connect to the THUM adapter.
    The device menu is displayed.