Import Device Description

The Trex unit(s) that will use the device descriptions you import must have been connected at one time to Upgrade Studio to easily install the updates in Upgrade Studio.

  1. In Upgrade Studio, select More > Import Device Description.
  2. Note: .fms and some other file types cannot be imported. Files must not be compressed.
    Select Browse DD Files, then multi-select the following files:
    • For HART: .fm8 and .sym
    • For Foundation Fieldbus: .ffo and .sym and .cff OR .ff5 and .sy5 and .cff
    For Foundation Fieldbus, the dialog populates with ID and Name fields for the device. For HART, you may need to enter required ID or Name information, depending on the structure of the device description.
  3. Select Import Device Description.
    The Import Items dialog box appears with the status of the import.
  4. Select OK.