Save measurements to an existing log file

You can save measurements to an existing file on the Trex unit to create a trend/report of the fieldbus segment.

Note: The Fieldbus Diagnostics application does not let you browse to an existing log file saved on the Trex unit. You need to enter the file name.
  1. On the Fieldbus Diagnostics Overview screen, tap Logging.
    The Log Settings screen lists the current file name that is being used.
  2. Check the name listed in the File Name field. If it is the desired file, tap OK.
  3. If the desired file name is not listed, do the following:
    1. Tap File Name on the Log Settings screen.
    2. Tap File Name.
    3. Enter the desired file name, and tap OK.
    4. Tap OK.
  4. Ensure Append is selected for the Save Option.
  5. Tap OK.