Connect to an externally-powered FOUNDATION fieldbus device

The Trex unit may automatically display the device on the Device List if the device is on a fieldbus segment that has a host system or a FOUNDATION fieldbus device that is the LAS.

The Trex unit will become the LAS if it is connected to an externally-powered FOUNDATION fieldbus device on a fieldbus segment with no communications.

Remove the USB cable from the Trex unit before connecting to a device.
  1. Connect the lead set to the FF terminals on the Trex unit and the device.

    Example of connection to the fieldbus segment

    1. Terminators
    2. Power conditioner
    3. Fieldbus power supply
    4. Host system
  2. Open the Field Communicator application.
  3. If the Trex unit does not automatically find the device, tap Fieldbus on the Connect - Select screen.
  4. From the Device List, tap the desired device.
    The device menu is displayed.
  5. To disconnect a device, tap Menu > Disconnect, or remove the lead set.