Change the tag for a FOUNDATION fieldbus device

Note: You cannot change the tag when the device is commissioned or a host/linking device is detected on the fieldbus segment. To change the tag, use the host system or remove the device from the fieldbus segment and connect it directly to the Trex unit.
  1. Connect to the FOUNDATION fieldbus device.
  2. Tap Service Tools.
  3. Tap Physical Device Tag.
  4. Tap OK when prompted that the device will be restarted after the parameter is changed.
  5. Tap Yes or No when asked if the device is commissioned.
    You cannot make changes if the device is commissioned.
  6. Enter a new tag, and tap OK.
    The Trex unit disconnects from the device.
  7. Tap OK on the message that indicates the device has been disconnected from the Trex unit.
    The Device List appears and displays the device with the new tag.
  8. Tap the device to reconnect to it.