Pair an AMS Trex unit with an AMS Device Manager station

The user pairing the AMS Trex unit to AMS Device Manager must have the Manage Connections permission in User Manager.

AMS Device Manager is running, and the Device Explorer or Device Connection View is displayed. Pairing can only be done from the AMS Device Manager station, not from the Trex unit. Only one concurrent USB connection to an AMS Device Manager station is supported.

Remove the USB cable from the Trex unit before connecting to a device.
Do not use USB communication in a hazardous area.
  1. Connect the microUSB cable to the AMS Trex unit, and then connect the USB to an AMS Device Manager station.
  2. In AMS Device Manager, expand the AMS Trex Units node to display a list of AMS Trex units.
  3. Right-click the unpaired icon, and select Pair Trex Unit.
    The icon changes to indicate the unit is paired, and an Audit Trail event is created to indicate the pairing.