Remove the power module from the Trex unit

  • Ensure sufficient grounding. Ensure the personnel, working surfaces, and packaging are sufficiently grounded when handling electrostatically sensitive parts.
  • Avoid touching the pins on the connectors or components. Discharged energy can affect the modules.
Warning: Do not install, remove, or charge the Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) power module in a hazardous area environment.
  1. Turn off the Trex unit.
  2. Place the Trex unit face down on a level, secure surface.
  3. Use a Torx® screwdriver to loosen the four screws on the power module. The screws do not need to be fully removed.
  4. Gently lift the power module straight away from the Trex unit. Do not slide the power module.

    Trex unit with the power module removed