Set the duration to change the current

You can control how long it takes the Trex unit to change from sourcing one current value to another. Select a higher value to gradually change the current and avoid abrupt changes to a valve's position that may damage equipment. Select a value of zero to quickly move a valve.

This option applies to the quick current buttons, the up and down arrow keys, and the pencil icon that enable you to enter a new current value. It also applies when you tap Trex Unit Power to stop powering the positioner.

Note: This option does not apply to the initial current value that is applied when you first power the device. For example, if you power a device, the Loop Diagnostics application will immediately source 4 mA, 20 mA, or the mA value you entered. The delay applies to any change to the current value after initial start up.
  1. On the Loop Diagnostics screen, tap Trex Unit Current > More Options > Duration of Current Change.
    More Options does not appear unless the Trex Unit Power or Trex Unit Current is enabled.
  2. Tap the desired number of seconds.
  3. Tap OK.
  4. Tap Back to save the changes and return to the Loop Diagnostics screen.