Connect the Trex unit to Upgrade Studio using USB

Remove the USB cable from the Trex unit before connecting to a device. Do not use USB communication in a hazardous area.

Upgrade Studio cannot connect to multiple Trex units at one time. Only one connection via USB is supported.

To help ensure proper communication between the Trex unit and the PC, do not use a USB 2.0 cable that is longer than 2 meters.

  1. Ensure the Trex unit is powered on.
  2. Connect the microUSB cable to the top of the Trex unit, and then to the PC where Upgrade Studio is installed.
    Note: The USB driver is installed when you install Upgrade Studio.
  3. In Upgrade Studio, click Activate Units or Install Updates.
  4. If you do not see the Trex unit, select Show All Trex units from the drop-down bar.
    Upgrade Studio connects to the Trex unit and the icon appears on the screen.