Install all updates onto the Trex unit

  • Ensure you downloaded the updates for the Trex unit to Upgrade Studio. You can also import the updates into Upgrade Studio.
  • Ensure the AC adapter is attached and powering/charging the Trex unit before transferring or installing any updates.

Upgrade Studio can transfer and install all available updates onto the Trex unit. This can include new/updated device descriptions, applications, firmware, and operating systems. The updates do not need to be installed individually.

  1. Connect the Trex unit to the PC where Upgrade Studio is installed.
  2. In Upgrade Studio, click Install Updates.
  3. Click the Trex unit that is displayed on the left side of the screen.
  4. If necessary, click Show Details under each option to view the updates that will be installed on the Trex unit.
  5. Click Install All.
    A message indicates the Trex unit will restart if an application, firmware, or an operating system was included in the update.
  6. Click OK.