Import updates/files into Upgrade Studio

To populate Upgrade Studio with imported files and install updates, all Trex units must have been connected to the PC running Upgrade Studio.

You can import updates/files into Upgrade Studio from a DVD, PC, network, or other physical media. These files include new/updated device descriptions, applications, firmware, operating systems, Trex synchronization files, and updates to Upgrade Studio.

The import option is useful if Upgrade Studio does not have an internet connection and you want to update the Trex unit at your site. You can also import newer versions/updates to Upgrade Studio.

The updates for the Trex unit, except for the Trex synchronization file, must have the .cmspkg file extension. The .cmspkg file extension is the standard format for receiving files to import into Upgrade Studio.

  1. Insert the DVD into your PC, or save the files to the PC or network.
  2. In Upgrade Studio, click More > Import Package.
  3. Browse to the location that has the updates you want to import.
  4. Click OK.
    Upgrade Studio loads the list of updates from the folder.
  5. Click Show Details to view more information about the files to be imported.
  6. Select the files you want to import.
  7. Click Import All or Import.
    Upgrade Studio imports the files. The Install Updates screen displays a number below the Trex unit icon to indicate the number of updates that were imported.